In collaboration with Seiko known for high quality watches in Japan, Alan has created a classic timepiece incorporating Chinese calligraphy.

The idea is to have the minute hand that moves around the clock to create the complete Chinese numerals. When the minute hand is “inpositioned”, the rest of the incomplete Chinese numerals, will become an abstract form of brushstrokes that creates an artistic feeling according to the viewers’ imagination.

The Chinese seal, which reads the name of Alan Chan in Chinese, projects an authentic image to the clock.? Seals are commonly found on Chinese paintings or calligraphy, as a meaning of endorsement.? The Chinese seal is being positioned in a way that it extends onto the edge of the clock to create a contemporary look.

The overall colour scheme is black, white and red, which is highly Chinese and artistic yet modern.

  • Client Seiko
  • Category Special project/Product design/
  • Industry Retail/